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The DETROIT HOLSTER “DIX Trigger Guard Holster.

Due to popular request, this little holster has been added to our lineup. It is a great way to safely store a handgun with the trigger guard covered. This holster is often used for the popular “appendix – style” carry method where the paracord is looped around the belt; the trigger guard holster is “popped” around the trigger guard and all is slid into your waistband, however, there are many other possibilities such as:

– Screwing lanyard to nightstand, desk drawer or vehicle glove box.

– Use in a backpack, purse or bag and with the lanyard attached to an anchor point one-hand draw is achievable.

When it’s time to rock and roll, simply grip your handgun and swiftly pull straight up – the paracord limits out and the TGH snaps off from the trigger guard.

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✴ Made with one solid piece of .08 Kydex providing a great balance of definition and durability.

✴ Black Calcutta (flat black) is the standard color (other colors available as upgrade).

✴ Molded perfectly to firearm model specified.

✴ All edges rounded, hand-sanded and polished smooth for maximum comfort.

✴ Available in a variety of colors (click here for sample color page).

✴ Includes 36″ of 550lb. 7-strand Nylon Paracord with ends melted to resist fraying.

✴ Creative license for other concealment methods with this holster.

✴ Ambidextrous.

✴ Made by hand.

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  1. adminpaul

    “I recently bought my wife a Walther PPS which she may carry in her pocket-book. Since it’s a DAO pistol, I wanted to get a trigger- guard holster made of kydex. A search online led me to a company called Detroit Holster.

    I had never heard of them, but their stuff looked decent so I thought I would give them a try. I am pleased to say the transaction was very smooth and Detroit Holster has all the earmarks of a solid business I would recommend.

    The kydex trigger holster [Dix] I bought can be found here:

    It fits perfect on the PPS and gives a lot of assurance to someone who may be concerned about an ND. It comes with a simple lanyard that allows the holster to be yanked off quickly and easily. My wife will use it with her pocketbook, but I guess this can also be used for pocket carry with the lanyard looped around your belt (as you draw it out it will pop off).

    Detroit Holster’s shipping and communication was fast, and the product is nice. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a holster option.”

  2. adminpaul

    “Have to give a shout-out to the Detroit Holster Company for their AMAZING customer service and awesome products! If you or anyone you know needs (or just wants!) a new holster, we highly recommend them.”

  3. adminpaul

    “Not only do you make the best holsters out there, but you really took care of me. I will post a video and something on a gun site as soon as I can. Thanks again for taking care of me and mine.”

  4. adminpaul

    “I got my holster today and it fits beautifully!”

  5. Travis Bennett

    This is a awesome product. Makes concealed carry much more comfortable. I would recommend this to anyone who needed a better alternative to a bulky holster. The glock42 slips nicely into a back pocket or inside the waistband with the Dix tied off to your belt loop.

  6. Weston Loveng

    “I received my holster today. The quality of the craftsmanship is impressive. This is exactly what I wanted. ” – Gretchen

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