Hybrid Pocket Magazine Holster

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A lightweight, comfortable pocket magazine holster engineered to be carried in the front pants pocket.  Features a bottom “hook” to help with drawing magazine quickly and cleanly from the holster.  Don’t get caught in a gunfight without a spare magazine!

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Special Instructions

Enter any special instructions here. Some gun models have multiple configuration options from the factory which will change custom holster builds. An example is the CZ P-09 carried with safety levers in cocked-and-locked configuration instead of default decocker only levers.


✴ Designed with intent to be carried in front pants pocket.

✴ “Hook” (configuration option) on bottom grabs corner of pocket upon draw, assisting in separating the magazine from the holster.

✴ The leather backing helps provide both comfort and stability in pocket.

✴ Made with .08 Kydex providing a great balance of definition and durability.

✴ Black Calcutta (flat black) is the standard color (other colors available as upgrade).

✴ Molded perfectly to magazine model specified.

✴ All edges rounded, hand-sanded and polished smooth for maximum comfort.

✴ Leather is 9-10 oz cowhide and is treated.

✴ Leather is “natural” color, however, black dying is available as upgrade.

✴ Available in a variety of Kydex colors (click here for sample color page).

✴ Made by hand.


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