John R (Berne Adder System™)

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**  Now available with or without the “hook” end  **
✴ Dual/multi-purpose holster.
✴ Design intended for use in the Berne Apparel Adder System™  The world’s fastest concealed carry workwear with dual functionality as a front pocket holster as well.
✴ Velcro strip on back of holster.
✴ Made with one solid piece of .08 Kydex providing a great balance of definition and durability.
✴ Black Calcutta (flat black) is the standard color (other colors available as upgrade).
✴ Molded perfectly to firearm model specified.
✴ All edges rounded, hand-sanded and polished smooth for maximum comfort.
✴ Kydex is formed full length of slide on both sides of handgun.
✴ Hook (configuration selection) end has contour / arch to better fit leg contour.
– The hook is designed to grab the corner of the pocket upon drawing handgun separating holster from gun.
– If the no hook design is chosen, the holster is a bit more streamlined and the operator would rely on
the leverage of the “thumb pad” to draw the handgun while in the pocket.
✴ Small thumb pad bent at top of holster to assist with draw (configuration selection).
✴ Customize your holster to fit a growing variety of laser and lights.
✴ Made by American hands in Michigan.

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Style *

Thumb Tab *

Handgun Model *

Color *

Draw Hand *

Lights & Lasers *

If your light/laser uses a rail key please include its identifying number/letter in the comments (the rail key is the interchangeable small part of your light/laser that fits into the guns rail).

Special Instructions

Enter any special instructions here. Some gun models have multiple configuration options from the factory which will change custom holster builds. An example is the CZ P-09 carried with safety levers in cocked-and-locked configuration instead of default decocker only levers.


This special edition John R Adder System™ holster was designed for use with the Berne Apparel Adder System™  The world’s fastest concealed carry workwear coming configured with industrial Velcro as an attachment option utilized by the Berne Adder jackets and vests.  This Detroit Holster is multi-purpose serving as a front pocket holster, purse holster, pack or range back holster.

Named after the world’s fastest striking venomous snake, The Death Adder, The Adder System™ is a U.S. Patent Pending exterior weapon concealment system designed for speed, security and ultimate concealment on a wide variety of clothing.  We have both the jacket and vest in the shop and they are very heavy duty, high-quality products and feel they are actually priced too low.  Learn more at

When used as a pocket holster it is ideal for concealed carry of smaller frame handguns such as the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard .380 or the Ruger LCP. The pants you wear must also have enough room in the pockets to comfortably conceal the firearm. If you wear looser pant styles, or cargo pants with multiple pockets this might be a comfortable option for you.

A pocket holster is also a good option when carrying a firearm in a bag or purse. The fully-covered trigger will guard against small objects getting in the trigger guard causing an accidental discharge.


With “hook” option

Without "hook" option

Without “hook” option


Thumb Tab Option

Thumb Tab Option

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