Leatherman Holsters

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 WE ARE BUILDING A NEW SHOP!!   During the transition we will be suspending the sales of some of our products including our Leatherman holsters in order to keep wait times down.  We estimate taking orders again for these products at the end of October/beginning of November.  This will help in our transition to a bigger and better custom holster making facility.  We greatly appreciate your patronage and patiences with us during this short period of time.  In the months to come, stay tuned to us on Facebook for new product developments and releases.  Thank you.

The DETROIT HOLSTER LEATHERMAN HOLSTER is designed specifically for one of the most popular multi-tools on our planet – the Leatherman.

Built similar to our single magazine holster, our Leatherman holsters hold the Leatherman snuggly, has user adjustable retention (Version 1.0 only) and is available in dozens of colors.

This model is designed to be worn outside the waistband.

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✴ Designed for (OWB) outside the waistband carry.

✴ Available in two models – Version 1 & 2.  Version 2 is a more solid fit with dual belt clips, body-hugging design.

✴ Made with one solid piece of .08 Kydex providing a great balance of definition and durability.

✴ User adjustable retention (Version 1.0 and now Version 2.0 has adjustable retention as well).

✴ Black Calcutta (flat black) is the standard color.

✴ Molded perfectly around the popular Leatherman tool selected.

✴ Belt clips are the same FOMI model as used on our “8 Mile” IWB on Version 1.0 of this holster or our METRO “speed clips” on Version 2.0.

✴ Black anodized hardware.

✴ All edges rounded and sanded smooth for maximum comfort.

✴ Available in a variety of colors (click here for sample color page).

✴ Made by hand.

✴ For those that are silly, this product DOES NOT include the Leatherman tool.


See photos and video for more information.

It is a pancake design utilizing the infamous “speed clips” of our METRO holster.   This provides two points of weight distribution, a total high-riding, body-hugging design yet is very easy to install and remove from belt without having to loosen your belt.  Securely and comfortably wear your Leatherman everyday with this holster.

Version 2.0 has been updated as of August ’16.  We changed the design to now include user adjustable retention.  This design change quadrupled the hardware expense but we ate most of the cost.

It is normal to use two hands to remove the Leatherman as you want this expensive tool secure in its holster.

As all of our Kydex holsters, this is completely waterproof and very durable.




  1. I just wanted to let you know that the holster rocks!
    Exactly what I wanted, thank you!
    And I appreciate the letter that you send out with your orders, especially the last paragraph!
    I’ll definitely do business with you again, keep up the good work!
    In Christ, Eric

  2. I just received my leatherman version 1 holster and I am very pleased with it. the original design is for outside the waistband, which is great for when I am work, but sticks out a little far for EDC. On weekends, I just flip the case around so it is between my belt and my pants and it hugs so close to my body it is almost unnoticeable, and I can still use my index finger to pop I it out of the sheath. Great product.

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