Metro (Premium OWB+IWB)

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This newly introduced Premium “Metro” Detroit Holster is one of the most popular OWB holsters on the market.

Our DETROIT HOLSTER “Metro holster is worn outside the waistband (OWB) and is ultra-comfortable.  Our thermo-forming technique for building this holster provides for an approximate 90/10 split of the holster with about 10% of the gun protruding inward and 90% outward providing for a much closer, body-hugging design than many other holsters on the market utilizing a traditional 50/50 split.

Another great feature is the new speed-clips.  Traditionally, pancake-style OWB holsters utilized belt clips that required the user to open their belt to “weave” the belt through the holster loops.  With these new clips, the user just pops the holster on and off the belt (without having to open or remove the belt).  The two points of weight distribution make carrying even a monster Ruger Super RedHawk Alaskin .454 Casull comfortable all day let alone an XDS 45,  Glock 19, etc.

With the combination of the ultra-close, body hugging design, our unique cut and finishing process, speed clip convenience, it’s comfort and sweet looks – the Metro is a great choice for OWB carry.

Another great feature of the Metro is it can be converted for inside the waistband (IWB) use by removing the speed-clips and replacing them with the optional metal spring belt clips or the soft loop style belt clips.  The smaller frame handguns such as the Glock 42, Sig P938/238, etc. are a little tight for the IWB option as the trigger side of the holster doesn’t have enough Kydex to install the IWB clip and yet leave enough clearance distance for your fingers when gripping the gun.  If you have big fingers and a smaller frame gun you may want to skip this option although it is only a small expense to give it a try.

Handgun Model *

Color *

Draw Hand *

Speed Clip Belt Size *

Lights & Lasers *

If your light/laser uses a rail key please include its identifying number/letter in the special instructions section below otherwise your order will be delayed as we will have to contact you to confirm your configuration (the rail key is the interchangeable small part of your light/laser that fits into the guns rail).

IWB Belt Clip Options *

The Metro was designed as an outside the waistband (OWB) holster and comes configured with the OWB speed-clips. Although designed as an OWB holster, the Metro can be worn inside the waistband (IWB) by removing the speed-clips and installing either metal spring clips or soft belt loops. These optional clips come with mounting hardware as well. Our “speed-clips” are included regardless.

* If you order a holster without the IWB metal clips, the holster will not be built to accommodate them (the holster may not be as wide as a holster originally purchased with the IWB metal clip option factored in to it’s original build design).

Extra Speed Clips *

A lot of our customers pick up extra belt clips which are also available on our “Holster Parts” page. Save time and grab ‘um here.

Wing Clips

Closed-loop “wing” belt clips. Sold in pairs.

Extra Speed/Wing Clip Hardware

Full set(s) of posts, screws, rubber washers and finish washers.

Special Instructions

Enter any special instructions here. Some gun models have multiple configuration options from the factory which will change custom holster builds. An example is the CZ P-09 carried with safety levers in cocked-and-locked configuration instead of default decocker only levers.


✴ Designed to be worn outside-the-waistband (OWB), however, can be worn inside-the-waistband (IWB) with addition of IWB metal spring belt clips or soft belt loop upgrades.

✴ Made with two pieces of .08 Kydex providing a great balance of definition and durability.

✴ Black Calcutta (flat black) is the standard color (other colors available as upgrade).
  Belt clips / fasteners are black


✴ Molded perfectly to firearm model specified.

✴ High quality Chicago-style hardware.

User adjustable retention and cant on most models.

✴ Sweat/body shield designed into holster to create barrier between handgun and you.

✴ All edges rounded, hand-sanded and polished smooth for maximum comfort.

✴ Featuring speed belt clips that fit up to 1.75″ belt (no loosening belt to install holster – quick pop on and off yet grips belt securely).
– Speed clips are included even if you add the IWB clips as an option.

✴ Available in a variety of colors.  Back of holster is always flat black (click here for sample color page).

✴ Customize your holster to fit a growing variety of laser and lights.

✴ Made by American hands in Michigan.

See “Product Videos” tab above for more information.


Below photo shows our METRO holster converted for (IWB) inside-the-waistband use with the optional metal spring clips.  Although it wasn’t designed as an IWB holster, it functions well on the medium and larger guns.  The smaller framed guns such as the Glock 42, Glock 43, etc. don’t have enough holster material on the trigger side of the holster to fit the metal clip as well as the larger guns.  The metal clip option comes with additional rubber washers, posts and screws.

  • If you order a holster without the IWB metal clips, the holster will not be built to accommodate them (the holster may not be as wide as a holster originally purchased with the IWB metal clip option factored in to it’s original build design).

Metal Spring Clips Upgrade


Soft Belt Loops  Upgrade

Metro_SoftLoop (1)

Wing clip option.

Wing clip option.

Additional information

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  1. Rob

    Just got my new metro and it fits my CZ 75 SP01 like a glove.

    The workmanship is absolutely fantastic. The finish is flawless and the gun is held very snug and secure.

    Best holster I have purchased and I know foe a fact I will order more from you.

  2. adminpaul

    I actually own 2 Metro Holsters one of which I carry every day. I always carry it OWB so I cannot comment on the IWB style of carry with this holster. As many of us that carry often do, we end up with a basket of holsters until we find just the right one. The Metro was the right one for me that provided comfort, flexibility, ability to conceal, and most important to me was the proper angles for drawing the weapon from the holster. Detroit got that right! Not the least expensive but as I said the first one I purchased convinced me that a second one was a no brainer.


  3. adminpaul

    I have 2 Metro Holsters . Glock 43 and Kahr P380 I find it very comfortable to ware all day. In the 3:00 position. Out side waist band. It is well constructed and hugs my body to reduce printing. The attachment belt loops are great to take on and off as you go into some building where firearms are restricted. The holster draws very smooth with good adjustable retention. I would highly recommend your product to anyone looking for a great concealment holster. – Mark

  4. adminpaul

    My METRO is for a Glock 40MOS, big heavy gun made comfortable to wear and easier to conceal.

    You guys nailed the holster tension on it to, just right. This is my carry rig for Whitetails in the woods and also has seen frequent daily use. Dave

  5. adminpaul

    I’ve been very happy with my holster, I use it as my everyday holster and sometimes forget I have it on. I appreciate you all for making a custom holster to fit my tactical light when other companies would not. I’m also very happy with your customer service and how fast the turn around was. Thanks for the great product.

  6. adminpaul

    I bought the Metro OWB holster for the glock 43 and bought the companion double magazine pouch. Been using it on a daily bases for over a year.
    Best holster I have ever bought. Feels great, no pinching, moves very little and great retention. Could not be happier. – Michael

  7. adminpaul

    Great fit for my SIG 239 .40 S&W. Very durable and versatile. Perfect fit for a Berne concealed coat pocket!

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