8 Mile (IWB)

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The most popular conceal-carry holster!

Our DETROIT HOLSTER “8 Mile style holster is worn inside the waistband (IWB) typically at a 3:30-4:00 o’clock position and it has many great features designed into it.

Handgun Model *

Color *

Draw Hand *

Belt Clip *

Cant *

Lights & Lasers *

If your light/laser uses a rail key please include its identifying number/letter in the special instructions section below otherwise your order will be delayed as we will have to contact you to confirm your configuration (the rail key is the interchangeable small part of your light/laser that fits into the guns rail).

Extra Belt Clips

Although our clips are incredibly durable, chance favors the prepared mind…get an extra now.

Special Instructions

Enter any special instructions here. Some gun models have multiple configuration options from the factory which will change custom holster builds. An example is the CZ P-09 carried with safety levers in cocked-and-locked configuration instead of default decocker only levers.


✴ IWB concealment holster.

✴ Made with one solid piece of .08 Kydex providing a great balance of definition and durability.

✴ Black Calcutta (flat black) is the standard color (other colors available as upgrade – click here for sample color page).
  Belt clips / fasteners are black


✴ Molded perfectly to firearm model specified.

✴ High quality Chicago-style screws and rubber bushings to adjust or relieve retention.

✴ Injected molded plastic belt clip. Detroit Holster laser-etched logo also available.

✴ Heavy-duty rubber “Soft Loop Belt Clip” with snap available also.

✴ Sweat/body shield designed into holster to create barrier between handgun and you.

✴ All edges rounded, hand-sanded and polished smooth for maximum comfort.

✴ Designed for deep weapon positioning unless customer specifies other ride height.

✴ Made by hand.

✴ Customize your holster to fit a growing variety of laser and lights.

See “Product Videos” tab above for more information.

How to wear your 8 Mile Detroit Holster.

How to wear your 8 Mile Detroit Holster.

Belt Clip Information

PLASTIC MOLDED CLIP (The most popular belt clip).
– Quality, sleak injection-molded belt clip.
- Currently available in 1.5″ or 1.75″ belt sizes.
Reverse tab design securely clips over belt.
– Remove from belt easily with reverse tab.
– Available with or without DETROIT HOLSTER laser-etched logo
- Secured to holster with high quality Chicago-screw style hardware.

– Made of strong rubber
- Strong locking snap opener
- Tactical black
- Adjustable for belt sizes 1.25″ – 2.00″
- Only 7/8″ in width
- Completely & securely wraps around belt
- Sits well against belt and waist
- Quick and easy to both position & remove holster.
- Secured to holster with quality Chicago-screw style hardware  Configuration available with single or double loops.  If the double loop configuration is selected, the holster will be formed to except two loops or our standard mold-injected belt clips.

Belt Clip Video

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs

Product Videos


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    …. we as American (us loyal Americans anyway) are getting sick of foreign made shit, and would like something made by our own, for our own. I show all my friends your website as well…. I’d rather my money stay here than go out of state or country. Thank you for all you do.”

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    “Just got the holster and love it. It was way better than the [company name removed] that I had lol. Thanks again, I really appreciate it. It’s definitely going to see some use here shortly. I’m ecstatic. 🙂 It’s a perfect fit in every way.”

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    Wow! What a great holster for my GLOCK 42 – you all nailed it !!! The trigger guard is REALLY protected – a rare thing in most holsters. Kevlar and color could not be better – one classy job. Thank You! Also, want to place order for the pocket model but concered it my be a bit stiff compared to my current suede Galco – would appreciate your comment on that.

    Will be showing this off at the Texas Gun Rsnge and it will generate you some more business from Texas.”

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    “Awesome holster!!! I just wanted to let you all know how impressed I am with my new 8 Mile holster I received today. This has got to be one of the best holsters around. I have the new xds 4.0 and it conceals amazingly well! So we’ll it is unnoticeable. I have a galco summer comfort holster and it is not comfortable. Now that I have an 8 Mile I will be selling the Galco! Thanks Detroit Holster! By the way, as soon as I have the funds I want to get another one of your holsters for my Springfield TRP. Glad I stumbled upon your website.”

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    Thank you,
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    Sorry I can’t offer any pictures as they would not be appreciated by my employer, and could prove to interfere with my duties.

    Thanks again.”

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    Thank you so much for the exchange and it was very kind of you to add the upgrades! I am not a fancy guy, these are tools for me and I go for function and reliability not looks… I don’t buy Glocks because they are pretty, I buy them because they work! Same with holsters but I have to say, this is a damn nice looking rig even if nobody is supposed to see it! What I really care about though is the quality and this is the finest kydex rig I have ever owned. Very nice work, a truly deserving home for a Glock pistol.

    I bought one of your mag holders for the 42 and took the clip off for pocket carry, it works really well that way and I will probably get one for my 23 as well. It keeps the mag upright and pointing the right direction, blends the shape even in jeans and keeps debris out of the feed lips and first round hollowpoint. Another really nice product!

    You have earned a customer for life. Thank you again.”

  35. adminpaul

    “I have ur 8 mile for my glock 30 and love it it’s even been ran over by a jeep without the gun in it and didn’t break…. we were shooting out on the farm and I set the holster on the ground and my buddy pulled up and parked right on top of it and it still works as good as when u sent it.”

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    “Just wanted you to know that the holster you made for my Glock 42 with Crimson Trace, well is perfect…. Truly enjoy it.”

  37. Robert Docter

    Received my 8mile for glock 42 today and absolutly love it! It seems to just “fit”. Looks great and has a even better feel. I can barely notice it on. Although I am new to concealed carry, I must say that I am extremely happy with choosing detroit holster as my first “real” holster. Will definitely pass on to my friends. Also, great service and it took no time ship! Thanks.

  38. adminpaul

    “Hey guys –

    The Glock 42 is my summertime, shorts & t-shirt carry. I usually carry my Glock 27 in a Galco IWB kydex holster. I decided to give you guys a whirl for this holster.

    The bottom like is this: you guys absolutely nailed it.
    The fit, quality and design are top notch. It’s $hit hot to say the least, and you’ll be my next go-to for my next holster.

    Well done. You guys rock.”

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  40. Jaime

    Love this holster. The g42 fits perfectly, and draws smoothly.

  41. adminpaul

    “The gun fits perfectly. It’s in there securely but still draws smoothly. It is as comfortable to wear as a gun can be on your back, and I’m not a big person. Love the holster, and the service.”

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    Very good product! P320 fits great. The customer service is just as great. Had issue with address I sent it too. They fixed with with no issues and VERY quick email responses.. Even responded on Christmas Day! 100% happy will buy from again!

  43. adminpaul

    “I’m very happy with my 8 Mile holster for the Glock G42 with Crimson Trace’s Laser Guard and I’m hoping you’re going to offer a similar 8 Mile for the Ruger LC9s with Crimson Trace Laser Guard ((LG-412H). I’d appreciate an email notification when you have one available. Keep up the good work and thank you for a great product.”

  44. adminpaul

    “Hi Detroit Holster Team, I just received my 8 Mile holster for my Glock 19. It is my second one. The first one I bought was for my Glock 42. These holsters are, by far, the best concealment holsters I have ever used, and I have tried dozens. My quest for the perfect holster has come to an end after finding your 8 Mile holster. These holsters fit the guns perfectly, there is no unnecessary bulk, and with the adjustable tension, I can think of nothing that would improve your product.”

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